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Believe it or not, there are some advantages of a struggling economy. Can't think of any? Well, as much as we'd love to see the economy climb out of the depths of recession, there are resources in the mean time that can help any company through a bear market- temporary staff.

With proper guidance and the right staffing agency, any company can reduce costs and workload with temporary employees. Temporary staff is ideal for companies experiencing an influx of work but do not have the resources to hire a full time employee. Temp agencies specialize in staff that can be on the job in a moment's notice. Both temporary and temp to hire staff relieve workload without any long term commitment. Once the demand subsides, you can relieve the temp until your needs require their services again.

Reducing Cost and Risk

The main advantages of hiring temporary staff during a struggling economy are to reduce cost and risk. Cost and risk issues are ever more important when funds are low and precautions are a must. Understanding how a temp employee can reduce these two key components will make staffing during this economy less strenuous on your budget and your team.

As the title implies, temporary staff can be hired as needed! They can be hired or relieved as the amount of work your company needs waxes and wanes. So money is saved by not having to hire a full time employee. Furthermore, hiring through a temp agency means that the agency absorbs the costs associated with the temporary employee's benefits, payroll, taxes, etc. Between the salary of a full time employee and the overhead costs of hiring a new person, companies can save a pretty penny if they opt to use temps.

Most companies would agree that the advantages of temporary staff go beyond saving money and having an extra pair of hands in the office. Hiring temporary staff has positive effects on your current employees and reduces the risk of employee turnover. Relieving workload reduces stress levels, increases morale, and reduces the amount of absenteeism that is associated with employees in high stress situations. Also, with the rigorous screening process that staffing agencies require for employees, you can rest assure that the temp that is assigned to your company has the skills necessary to get the job done right. This eliminates the risk of hiring someone that may not be able to perform the job without intensive training.


Most companies have been tasked with doing more with less during our economic struggles. Get the most out of your resources by hiring a temp to get work done without the commitment of a full time employee. Your staff will thank you!